Who are we ……

Life is all about making memories and we hope that we are embarking on making many happy ones on our journey. Visiting countries and places that have been on our bucket list, meeting new people but ultimately to visit as many beaches as we can for Chloe the dog to run and chase a ball.

I am Heather an 18 year old in my heart but on the outside a 51 year old, having worked all my working life within a corporate environment. When I finally handed in my notice I felt liberated. David is 52 years young and had worked in Billingsgate Fish Market in London since he was 14 years old. After three generations the book has finally closed on this chapter and David felt the complete opposite of emotions to me when he left. Chloe the dog is a 10 years old Labrador/Collie who has never worked and so no notice was required.

We have been planning this journey for some years. Life takes you down roads that you do not plan and you have to learn to adjust to this. This was the case for David and I and as a result, we needed to have a focus in our lives rather than feeling we were drifting in the ocean in a tiny boat, with no purpose. This was the catalyst for our decision to travel. We sold our home that we had spent over 20 years converting from an apple storage barn into our home in the Essex countryside. We bought a Motorhome and for the last few years we have been taking our annual holidays getting use to our new home, abiet for just a few weeks at a time. Now with everything in place we are finally off….