Two weeks into the adventure….

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1st October 2017 – 5th October 2017

Leuven – Belgium.

We decided to stay in Andre’s yard for another night after our trauma. The following day on Andre’s recommendation, we made our way by a long walk and a bus journey into the town of Leuven. By car it would take around 30 minutes but our journey took around an hour and a half. But it was well worth it, it has one of the oldest universities in Europe or the world (founded in 1427) and the 15th Century Gothic Town Hall is absolutely stunning. The Town Hall has been copied in Brussels and the Brussels Town Hall itself has been copied in Vienna. They should have patented it ! The carved figures and filigree work is amazing and there are a scattering of bars, brasseries and restaurants all around the large square to take in the view of this amazing building. We witnessed a real live Belgium wedding, what a place to get married in, the hi-light for us though was the VW Camper that the bride arrived in. (Check out the photo) Friday is market day as well, an added bonus in my book, not so much David’s.

Troyes – Champagne France

This was a visit that was en route after leaving Belgium to start heading South. We covered the journey in two stages staying the previous night in a small but pretty site surrounded by trees, a splattering of small fishing lakes and poisonous mushrooms I was later to find out, very pretty they were though.

We stayed within walking distance of Troyes and walked in to the small town. It has a total of six churches and the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul. Now, I love a church or a cathedral and go in them all and David bless him waits patiently outside with Chloe while I go inside. The same happened in Troyes as I went into the Cathedrale. It took my breathe away, it was beautiful. The sun was shining and the light was bursting through the stained glass onto me. I do not think I have been in a Cathedrale as beautiful, I came out and my enthusiasm was so great, that David went in to take a look. After meandering round, a very nice lunch with more alcohol we then tackled the 110 outlet shops just outside the town ( David did take alittle persuading !) The trouble is, with a Motorhome that is bursting at the seams with mainly my clothes, I was good and only purchased some running trainers. A runner, I hear you say. Well it was quite funny as the woman in the shop did ask how often did I run ? Never I said, but I was going to start. How often am I going to run? 3-4 times a week I said. David just laughed !

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