San Sebastián


22nd October 2017 – 24th October 2017

Wow, what a find this petite city is, it wasn’t on my radar as a city to visit but David had read about it and suggest we go. What a jewel it is. The provincial capital of Spain’s Gipuzkoa region and food to die for. San Sebastián has the highest number of Michelin Star restaurant per square mile in the world. The bars and restaurants are nothing like we have experienced and a complete culinary heaven. We had read up on the Pintxos and headed out early evening to explore the small streets crammed with bars and places to experience Pintxos. We immersed ourselves in Sirimiri Atari Akademy, tasted the most amazing Pintxos, watched the barman make the most intricate Gin & Tonic combination, filling the goldfish bowl with ice and swirling it round to create the right temperature, filling with gin and tonic and then lighting orange peel and orange leaves and swirling them round the goldfish bowl before handing to a very loud American Lady saying “Gin makes you sin”. We left for the next bar.

It has the most amazing beach which spreads along the bay of the city and a Nespresso Shop. You may ask what the significance is. Well, before we left the UK we decided to purchase a small Nespresso machine. We are not massive coffee drinkers but we quite like a coffee in the afternoon and end up paying for a disgusting coffee in a service station when on the road. Well it was the best purchase we made but the only thing is and great marketing by Nestle that owns the brand, is that you can only purchase the coffee pods online or in one of their stores. On line if fine if you have a home to send it to. So we googled the store and made a trip. Get this, you have to get a ticket on the way in and wait your turn, reminds me of the Apple Store ! But what service, free tasting and a bag full of pods later we left happy.

San Sebastián is a wonderful place to visit, if you get the chance go. It comes alive at night in the bars, the people are lovely and the food and wine is first class. Enjoy.

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