Atlantic Coast


7th November – 12th November 2017

We decided to head to the coast again, we can’t seem to keep away and we are getting like Chloe the dog, loving a beach. We stayed in a couple of places the first for two nights where we could see the beach from where we were staying and it ran for miles, the very small town of Pedrogao. Now this town had no life in it, what so ever. We took a walk in the evening and not a sole to be seen. Obviously it is a seaside resort, we are in the middle of November and therefore I would expect a lot to be closed but everything ! The next stop was the town of Ericeira and what a difference, we loved it here. Just north of Lisbon and a complete jewel in terms of a traditional seaside Portuguese town. We stayed a 15 minute walk from the centre but next door to us was this great surf shop with a bar, a huge terrace with loungers to watch the sun go down and an old fashioned bath with the side cut out with a couple of seats in. Yoga and Pilates classes, a skateboard track and music in the evening. We did manage to get into our first attempt at exercise, after nearly 8 weeks ! There was a park we passed to go into town that had a selection of fitness machines, a great idea looking out to sea as you are pushing some weights (well me trying!). So we jogged to the park, went on all the machines and then sat in the bar for a coffee ! Oh this is the life. The town had a scattering of traditional shops and the most fantastic food shop that had everyone queuing outside the door on Saturday. I could have bought loads of lovely food (including Heinz Baked Beans !) but lack of space in the Motorhome and having to walk back with a heavy bag of shopping was a no go as far a David was concerned. I did buy some Amoy Sweet Chilli Sauce but still no ground nut oil to be found anywhere. We ate a fantastic traditional lunch, we couldn’t understand the menu and so just said to the waitress we would have what the couple next to us were eating, which turned out to be the dish of the day for €5.00. Wine and coffees and total cost €14.00, eat your heart out Prezzo ! The weather was amazing, a chilly wind but great for the surfers that were braving the waves. Ericeira had a wonderful feel about it, relaxed, great food at even greater prices and surfers with bare chests everywhere.

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