Near Montes da Luz Lagos Portugal

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24th November – 9th December 2017

After our night of wild camping we set off for our final leg of this journey to a site that had been recommended to us through forums. We feel we need to settle for a while for Christmas & New Year. We arrive at Turiscampo and see a whole new world. We learn from others that this is the best place to stay long term in all of Portugal & Spain. On arrival we meet our friends Keith & Jane who we met in Ericicacia and their energetic Collie, sadly we crossed over and they were off winding their way back to their home in Northern France. We met for drinks in the evening which were swift as the bar closed at 8.30pm, does everyone go to bed after this we thought !

Now there are all nationalities here and it’s interesting all the different types of people you meet. There are retirees who come down in October and stay for 6 months and then go back to the UK for 6 months and then return, having been staying at this site for years. There are young couples with small children, mainly German living off grid we assume. We have met Phil & his wife who have been travelling for 3 years and are here until March. Our neighbours Steve & Margaret have been coming to this site for several years. Arriving in October and then flying home for Christmas, returning and then heading to Spain until they return to the UK around March. Now Margaret works for one of the big banks in the U.K and is known as the lady in the van in the Company as she continues to work remotely in Portugal. Just brilliant.

The facilities here are excellent, a gym which we have both joined, god help us ! We go to Pilates class twice a week and to my astonishment David enjoys it. A Spa, which I am going to work my way through the treatments, bar and restaurant.

David celebrated his birthday at the beginning of December and the day started with breakfast in the restaurant, as English a breakfast I think we will ever get ! We then headed for Pilates which David found quite painful, check out the Facebook pictures (One in a Lifetime) followed by a trip to the driving range. Unfortunately I am no golfer and so although he has brought a small bag of clubs he will have to play on his own unless anyone fancies a weekend in Portugal playing golf !

The hi-light of the birthday celebrations was dinner at at amazing restaurant in Praia da Rocha. It is a boutique hotel surrounded by sky rise hotels (not so nice) right on the beach front. Excited was I as the gates opened and we drove in to be greeted at the car and shown into the bar. I thought this is the life, ordered a cocktail which arrived in a small Chinese tea pot, delicious and expensive ! David opted for a nice G&T. We decided to try the Tasting menu and worked our way through 12 courses, sounds a lot but portions are small and it was amazing. It was a wonderful evening to finish off a special day.

We have settled into the slow pace and are enjoying the sun and the chilled out life. Catching the sun and then beach walks in the afternoon with Chloe, a coffee watching the sun go down. How lucky are we.

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