Majocar & Cartagena Spain


13th February 2018 – 18th February 2018

Now as we have said before, happiness on a site depends on the sun on your little pitch. At Cabo de Gata we had a lovely spot, full sun with a olive tree and singing birds and complete silence at night (no barking dogs). As we were departing an English couple with smiles of glee on their faces were looking to take our pitch. They told us that they had tried to get in another campsite for a week and it was full up and so they had come to Los Escullos. It turns out they only lived an hour or so away but had come for a break, to relax and chill out, strange if you ask me ! Anyway, they asked where we were going and as we didn’t really know, you know us ! They said, oh you must go to Majocar, right on the coast, beaches for miles, no high rises, bars, restaurants and cafes within walking distance. David did ask him if he worked for the Majocar tourist board ! Anyway, when we left we thought we would head there to see what it looked like and then decide if to stay or not. We drove through the miles and miles of poly tunnels containing the tomatoes we are all eating and fields of lettuce, although with the cold weather Spain has had this year apparently most have been lost to frost !

We stocked up with a food shop and headed to a great spot right by the beach. Majocar town is slightly inland but we stayed on the coast and the English couple were right, it was lovely. We chilled out, as if we needed more chilling, walked along the beach and tried out the numerous cafes within walking distance. The other positive thing about Majocar is Jose the Doctor who gave me a 30 minute consultation for my ear infection that I have been fighting for weeks. I was so impressed and haven’t stopped going on about Jose. David is sure we are going to live in Majocar, just because of him. Anyway, we left with numerous pills and drops and departed.

Our Sat Nav knows we are a Motorhome but for some reason likes to take us up mountains, on small winding roads that send my heart rate sky high. (Another trip to Jose hopefully !) As we made our way to a stopover for the night with me hanging onto my seat we go up and down mountains passing some of the most beautiful tree blossom I have ever seen. This did distract me for afew seconds and David did stop whilst I took some pictures. We finally get to our stop for the night right on the beach in the middle of nowhere or Puntas de Calnegre. The bread man in his little van woke us up in the morning honking his horn and we departed for Cartagena.

The city of Cartagena had it’s heyday during the Roman Empire and it was one of the most important naval ports in Spain. It has the most amazing Roman Theatre and a plethora of amazing Art Nouveau buildings as a result of the bourgeoisie and we saw it all. We walked the 35 minutes into the centre, spent the whole day wandering the streets, gauping at a £360M yacht that was in the harbour and looked like a space ship. After googling the boat, David found that it is owned by a Russian Oligarch. Heather shopped (it was my birthday !) and David visited the Roman Remains. It is a great city to explore and as it was a Saturday the buzz with the locals all dressed up for the weekend, relaxing, enjoying a long leisurely lunch with plenty of vino tinto. Our lunch was dictated by where we could sit outside in the sun with Chloe and we found a great restaurant. We struggled to read the menu but ordered a starter and main course. David’s starter came up, a huge bowl full of galician octopus and my main came up, two plates of squid risotto. Then my starter turned up a huge bowl of chips covered with a rich cheese sauce and ham. David’s main then came up, stuffed chicken and more potatoes. Oh how we wished we could get the ordering of Spanish food right. It was a great birthday, finished off by drinks with friends back in the UK via the amazing power of technology.

3 comments on “Majocar & Cartagena Spain”

  1. Fantastic record of your travels in Spain. Lovely to read, really can feel the atmosphere and the enjoyment that you are having together on this wonderful trip.Great photos bring all the places to life. Am really enjoying your travelogue
    Lots of love Joyce xxx


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