Kala Nera – Greece

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12th June 2018 – 20th June 2018

Our final most Easterly destination in Greece is Kala Nera. When you look on the map it doesn’t seem so far but the Greek winding roads tell another story and we broke up the journey staying in a small campsite in the middle of nowhere called Venezuela. This site was like wildlife on one. David went to use to loo when we got there and comes back saying ‘there’s a frog in the toilet’ I raise my eyebrows and think, I have gone from the 5 star Baglinoni in Kensington to a campsite sharing the loo with a frog ! The elderly owners were lovely, the Greek people seem to love the British and they waved their greetings as we passed them each day. We stayed 2 nights and when walking Chloe one evening we saw the most beautiful little tawny owl sitting above our Motorhome. As we left the owner, so grateful that we had visited, kissed my hand as farewell and I felt tears spring into my eyes. Such kind and genuine people.

The next two weeks were spent in the Pelion, at Kala Nera. It is the perfect destination and this is the place that will forever hold a special place in our hearts for the memories. We caught the bus into Volos, costing all of €1.80 for a 30 minute journey. A bustling town that we wandered around and found, wait for it, an M&S ! Yes, the excitement. Now it was the smallest M&S that I had every been in, but we filled our rucksack with biscuits and jelly babies, as if we needed them and David kitted himself out with a new pair of shorts. On the way back on the bus I spotted a fish shop which I noted for us to return to on our bikes. In Greece, you shop in butchers, bakers, the fish shop, fruit and veg shop and little mini markets. None of this, everything under one roof Tesco here. The next day we decided to cycle to the fish shop, David said it would take 30 minutes. Luckily we are now acclimatised to the heat and set off. It was totally worth the ride, fresh wild prawns and some fresh whole fish. We stopped at the bakers who sold us the best apple cake we have tasted and 6 eggs that were packaged in a paper bag. I had to ride very carefully on the way home with them in my rucksack.

Our two week stay was made special by the arrival of Ian, Patsy and Wilfred, who we met in Nafpilon. We had dinner together in Kala Nera with Ouzo as a starter and a lovely fruit wine for dessert. Ian was also the greatest bread delivery man, popping to the lovely bakers down the road in his car and delivering our bread to our door.

We also cycled along the coast to Afissos through the countryside being followed by beautiful butterflies and the most turquoise of dragon flies. On the way home we popped into the butchers and left with a lovely leg of lamb and some freshly ground mince. I can’t remember the last time I actually bought beef that was minced in front of me.

Within walking distance of where we stayed, was a long pebble beach that was near deserted most days and the three of us would spend the afternoons trying to keep cool in the shade and swimming in the sea. David took his hammock and set it up shading himself between two olive trees. We have never seen Chloe swim as much as she did here. You have to throw the ball and she swims out, retrieves the ball and this goes on until she is exhausted. For a dog that is nearly 12 years old it is a joy to see. She will miss the sea when we leave and so will we. On the last day we all went to the beach for our last swim together and the sea was so flat, we had the most wonderful time. A memory to last a lifetime.

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