Lagos Algarve Portugal Part 2

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12th November 2018 – 28th November 2018

Now I am starting to hallucinate about chocolate. The other night all I kept thinking about was a toblerone that I saw at the checkout in the Intermarche. Normally, I would buy it, eat it and get rid of the wrapper before I had put the shopping in the car. David and I, well really me, have spent quite a long time talking about chocolate. Walnut Whips, Snickers, Quality Street and the largest Ferraro Rocher display we have ever seen (checkout our Facebook page for the video) But, I am really proud that I have not succumbed to the chocolate devil in me. We are on a fitness regime Couch to 5k. Which is a great phone app to encourage even the non runners which is certainly me, to get off my bum and run. We are lucky to have all the time in the world and a very posh gym at the Campsite to start the campaign. Now, I absolutely hate running, but this app is brilliant to build up the run times between a brisk walk and even I am managing to stick to it, albeit I did have a dodgy start, but I am now on a roll. I would like to ask any runners out there though, what do you think about when you are running, as all my mind thinks about is OMG when is this going to end and I certainly do not enjoy it. Will this change, will I want to run more and even contemplate a marathon (hang on, my keyboard got carried away !). Anyway, I do feel good when I finish my 30 minutes. We also have a weigh in at the local chemist on their machine and everytime I get on it, the little print out pops out, stating I have put on weight ! How does that work !. We have settled into campsite life and continued with our Saturday Supper Club with Stephen & Paul. We had the most amazing Indian and Jane & Keith joined us as well. Now I was a little dubious of eating an Indian in Portugal, as after our Chinese experience where we felt ill for a couple of days, I was not holding out much hope. However, it was delicious and as a lover of a Naan bread, it was the best I have ever tasted. So if you find yourself in the Algarve of Portugal near Espiche, check out the Indian, you will not be disappointed. We could write a book about all the restaurants, having found an excellent Sunday Roast in Praia Da Luz, with Paul eating the ‘Big Boy Roast’. We tried the Boavista Golf & Spa Resort for Sunday Lunch and the best part was the entertainment in the form of Wesley. Now we had heard Wesley busking in Lagos in the main square and he sent goose bumps down my arms them and he created the same feeling at Sunday Lunch. He has the most amazing voice, obviously not to everyone’s taste but he sang Hallelujah and I had tears in my eyes and then he sang Raise me up and Stephen had tears in his eyes, so a very happy lunch was had by all. It turns out Wesley is French and sung on ‘The Voice’ in France, got to the final, sung with Kylie Minogue but sadly has ended up busking in Portugal. Anyway, I bought a CD. However, we have nothing to play it on ! We have packed quite a lot into our stay this time, visiting the Monchique Mountains with Steve & Margaret who again we met last year and tasted some very nice ‘Boar Stew’ in an amazing restaurant with a fantastic view over the mountains, if only it hadn’t been raining. This is far off the tourist trail and full of Portuguese so you know it is going to be good place to eat. The weather has not been brilliant, don’t get me wrong, warmer than the UK but lots of rain. Margaret and Steve also invited us to the Theatre in Lagoa to watch The Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group. Now, David and I couldn’t remember what we were going to see and it turns out that it was quite a thought provoking story ‘Whose Life is it Anyway’. There was at total of 10 actors for the 2 hour production and it was brilliant. The standard of acting would not have been out of place on a London Stage. David has continued to preen his beard, after everyone asking is he applying for the role of Father Christmas, we find a barbers in Lagos to shape the beard. It amazes me how long men spend in the barbers now, things have certainly changed. First of all the paper collar is fixed, then the cape is wrapped around his body and a steaming hot towel applied to his face. Then the artistry begins, 45 minutes later. Yes, I said 45 minutes it looks like the barber is happy with his work. David then gets to have a shampoo to polish his head and finally he is released. The cost is €10 unbelievable. Finally our friends from France came to stay for the weekend. We did a whistle stop tour of a little of the Algarve as Gaz had never been and Debs had last been with me when we were in our late teens (not so long ago!) Luckily after forecasting rain, it held off for the weekend. I learnt the rules of Chess, will certainly need a lot of practise. We laughed, we ate, we ate again, made great memories and have set a date for next year.

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