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10th April 2019

We are still alive and back for another adventure or Part 4 ! Where has the time gone since we last updated our Blog. Well, we arrived back in the UK at the end of December just in time for Christmas. My Mum greeted us with a complete look of shock on her face when she opened the door, as she was expecting us the following day ! Luckily, the spare room was free and we all disembarked with mountains of washing. I think Mum must feel like it is my student days again. It was lovely to be home, to spend Christmas with loved ones. The previous Christmas we spent in Portugal and it’s not the same. Don’t get me wrong, walking on the beach on Christmas Day and the sunshine is gorgeous, but most people who we have met along the way do seem to fly back to the U.K. for Christmas. For us this is not an option as we have Chloe. Hence the drive back, but we also had a special birthday to celebrate and boarded a plane for the first time in two years at the end of January to celebrate David’s Sister 50th in Fueurteventura. We saw quite afew Motorhomes when we were there, mainly surfers enjoying the freedom and the waves.

Our destination for this trip is Norway. Therefore we decided against leaving too early as it’s no fun when it is cold and wet in a Motorhome. We are travelling through The Netherlands stopping at Antwerp, Amsterdam, Urk. Heading through the top of Germany into Denmark and Sweden. Finally we will then get into Norway. We are so excited to see this amazing Country, the scenery, the wild camping and the herrings ! I read that we should take a fishing rod to catch our dinner, something that David wasn’t too keen on. However, after some congealing we visited a fishing tackle shop and kitted ourselves out. Rod, Reel, Line and weights purchased, we are ready to go. We have never fished before, but we are going to give it a go. So, with the van MOT and service complete, haircuts, dentists, food shop, visit to the vets for Chloe we are off again to make ‘Once in a Lifetime’ memories.

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