Sunnmore – Norway

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22nd June 2019 – 26th June 2019

Whilst we were in Ålesund we decided to climb the 418 steps to Fjellstua viewpoint which a German man the previous day had said we should see, giving an incredible view of Ålesund. We could do with a bit of exercise and so we set off. The weather wasn’t great but at least it wasn’t raining and when we reached the top, we were asked to pay £6 to go onto the viewing platform, we decided against it and just took some photos as we descended and luckily the clouds broke which did indeed give a fantastic view. As we returned to the van, after a little rain, we were greeted with a wonderful rainbow over the water. We set off after lunch and headed for Stordal Old Church. I don’t know what it is with churches, but I love them and graveyards aswell, am I weird ? Anyway, the church wasn’t too far out of our way and this church is a Rose Church from 1789. Much of the interior is from the old stave church that stood on the site in the Middle Ages. It has stunning Baroque and renaissance adornments. David of course stayed in the van and I went in and although very small it was painted with the most stunning designs and wood everywhere. It was so unusual and like nothing I had ever seen before. On the same site was a traditional Losetstova farmhouse from the 1790s. They must have been really small people as even I had to bend over to get in the door ! We are now in the Sunnmore with numerous fjords, islands and mountains. You will not find more beautiful fjords anywhere else in the world I think. Geirangerfjord is the most famous and listed on UNESCO World Heritage. David found an amazing spot, although down a very, very steep road which had no mention of Motorhomes in the parking app, just 4×4 vehicles. All I do is sit deep in my seat, hold on tight and pray. We arrived in one piece and so did the van. It was on the Norddalsforden and absolutely stunning. It is hard to put into words the beauty and to everyone it may not be beautiful, but to us it is. I look at the view and wish that loved ones and friends could see it aswell. It was a perfect fishing spot and we stayed for 2 nights, firstly for me getting over the drive down, before the drive up again and of course for the idyllic spot. The only noise you could hear was the waterfall and the odd boat that passed. David unfortunately not for the want of trying did not have any luck with catching a fish. Then I decided to have a try on the last evening and what did I do, I only caught a fish. Sounding like a fish wife echoing in the fjord ‘David, David’ I shouted ‘I have caught a fish’. David jumps out of the van and with me beaming, we decide to put him back as he’s too small. (I feel better putting them back). The next morning with David’s excellent driving we make it out and catch another ferry over to Stranda and then stop at Ljoen. Here you have the most spectacular view into Geirangerfjord. I know I keep going on but wow, the view, you can understand why all the ships cruise down this most famous of fjords. David and I have said we would love to come back in the winter, not in the Motorhome but to get a ship to sail through this most spectacular of scenery. We found a campsite for our next stop, we had a lot of washing to do and launderettes are basically non existent in Norway. You could make a killing with opening some here. The drive to the campsite was another nail biting one. There are a lot more coaches on the roads now the tourist Sean is starting and the roads are basically only one vehicle wide. Anyway, as we navigate around the mountain on a track rather than a road, having afew near misses with three coaches we come to the campsite. Right in the Nordfjord region on Lovatnet lake, turquoise in colour surrounded by ancient mountains and view of the Briksdal glacier. Could a view get any better, I don’t think so. We exhausted the washing machine, cleaned everything that moved and David of course fished. A lovely sight was a Norwegian Motorhome that parked close to us that arrived with us and a family settled in. As soon as they opened their door, a young boy jumps out, fishing rod in hand and starts fishing, followed by his sister who must of been only around 6 years old, with her pink fishing rod and reel and casts her line out into the turquoise lake. We have learnt that every Norwegian owns a fishing rod and loves to fish, just like David. We left after a couple of days and thankfully did not meet any coaches coming the other way, as we navigated out.

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