The Rock of Gibraltar


19th January 2018 – 21st January 2018

We have heard a lot about Gibraltar and although not up there on our bucket list it was a place we wanted to visit. We did our homework and decided to stay in the Marina just outside and walk over to ‘The Rock’. After a difficult navigation into the Marina, we could see where we wanted to go, but couldn’t get there (it’s not easy doing a quick turn in our Motorhome) we parked up and had the most beautiful view across the marina with the yachts and boats. As we had arrived early afternoon we decided to pop over to Gibraltar and have a look around. We left Chloe in the Motorhome and headed off, as I was walking over I said to David that I was quite excited. That’s the child in me ! Passports at the ready we passed through customs and headed for the bus which is right outside, taking us into the main town. The main shopping area is one long street filled with the most jewellery shops and pharmacies we have ever seen ! What it did have though was an M&S and I was over the moon, so I stocked up on as many biscuits as David would let me buy and left happy. The next day we took Chloe across, with Pet Passport at the ready and vaccination card in hand, the security never even checked, just waved us through. When we got through a young woman did stop us and tell us to be careful with the dog as the famous monkeys are vicious, oh great I thought. Our hearts lightened though when Chloe was welcomed on the bus into town and for free. David was keen to see the famous tunnels and so we headed off to the Moorish Castle and entrance to the tunnels. Well, the climb was bloody steep and although I would like to say we are fitter, not fit enough for this climb. Anyway, we got to the entrance to the castle, I said to David to check with security if there were any monkeys in the area, he came back and said that apparently there were afew around with babies. So being on the safe side, after walking up the ‘the rock’ Chloe and I walked back down again while David disappeared into the tunnels. Lunch was looking over the Marina and an £8 million yacht being cleaned by staff ready for it’s occupants. How the other half live !

We stayed another night looking out into the Marina before heading off to the Costa del Sol with dread in our hearts in what we would find.

2 comments on “The Rock of Gibraltar”

  1. Lovely photos again, you are very good with a camera.

    We arrived at the rock yesterday and will stay for a few night so not far behind you.

    Continue having fun.


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