Cabopino Spain


22nd January 2018 – 30th January 2018

We arrived at our stop for a week to find that it was nearly full and as we wing it and didn’t book, we found ourselves in an area sheltered by trees and no sun. Now the saga with shade and sun continues in our little world where ever we are ! In addition to this, there are the abundance of the pine processionary caterpillar. Never heard of them ? Well neither had we, until our other trusted motorhome friends on facebook posted information about them. They are little but deadly caterpillars that devastate pine trees but the hairs of the caterpillar larvae cause harmful reactions in humans and especially dogs if they come into contact with them and in severe cases kill your dog. Now, once I heard this I have read a whole library on these deadly beasts. Now armed with antihistamines to give Chloe immediately if she comes into contact and water to flush the tiny hairs from her mouth, I was constantly on guard if I saw any of the tennis ball size nest in the trees, which look very much like candy floss. This year is one of the worst for the infestation and this area had a high level of candy floss ball in the pine trees.

We decided to hire a car to see the area and booked a Fiat 500 for a week. Now what a great little car these are, loved it and so did Chloe ! We visited Rhonda in the hills with the oldest Bullring in Spain, although our little car did struggle up there, glad we didn’t take the motorhome. A picturesque Spanish town, as was Mijas, again in the hills and visited by coach loads of Chinese/Japanese tourists who love riding about on the famous donkeys with their selfie sticks. We cruised up and down the coastline, from Estapona to Nerja over the week, Torre del Mar and Nerja lifted our hearts after visiting Puerto Banus but after a week we couldn’t wait to escape. Especially after a fellow neighbour had told David that when he had visited Puerto Banus last year and was walking along the marina, he saw a beautiful looking woman in a skinny bikini walking along with a long gold lead, and on the end of the lead was a leopard !

4 comments on “Cabopino Spain”

  1. Hello Both,

    We may have overtaken you. We are currently at Camping Los Gallardos. Pitches average or below, facility mediocre, but bar and pool area exceptional as is the restaurant. Will be here till Monday.

    Keep safe and have fun.

    Roger & Lesley Xxx


    1. Hi Roger & Lesley, we are not far away. David has just checked 50 minutes. We are leaving early next week to head up to Murcia area we think. I have not found another site that lives up to Lagos ! Our final destination is Valencia before we start to head North for the UK at the end of the month. Safe travelling. Xxx


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